That Time, Again !

It is that time of year. Again, yes. Time to start decorating for Christmas. I love to decorate. I love to clean. I also love everything to smell like Christmas the whole month before Christmas. I know a lot of you are the same. I also know of people who do not decorate until the week before Christmas, If that.

Well long story short. The Birth of baby Jesus had became a National and Global celebration. Millions of people celebrate this holiday. Many people do not know the true meaning of Christmas. I am not going to tell you the true meaning because you must come up with that conclusion on your own. I feel like everyone gets that chance to decide why you like/love Christmas. Whether about presents, or Santa, or Jesus Christ. The thing about Christmas should not be superficial. It should not be greater then your love for family. It should not be about “Stuff”.

I have talked about this type of subject in the past. I have told you all; many times to not be worried about “stuff” but to remember we are all in this to enjoy the memories that go along with life itself. It is incredible the kinds of things we are looking forward to.

I am looking forward to decorating. To decorating the tree with my babies. To make cookies with all the little ones in the family. I am looking forward to making a few presents for people. Looking forward to driving out to the woods with the whole family to find the most perfect tree for this year. I am looking forward to Christmas crafts and parties with the babies. To playing in the snow. I am looking forward to movie nights and hot cocoa. I am looking forward to the memories we are going to make this season. To the traditions we are used to. To new and exciting things since everyone is a different age this time. I love this season. I love this time of year.

This year I was and am more Thankful then ever. I am more thankful then I ever have been in my whole life. Because I am finally able to understand why this time is important and how we spend each moment in our life is so crucial to our reality. These memories build and mould who our children are turning out to be. They will not remember everything we will do. They will not always remember what they opened EVERY year. They WILL remember the love that was shown and the time that was spent. The “QUALITY” Time. So that being said…

Unique Advice For Today: Create your own special seasonal traditions. Whether they are simple and quick or just spending time together doing something festive. This is your time to make a change, to make a difference and to OWN your own holiday season.

Get ready Christmas is coming!!! Happy Holidays.

P.S. Sorry was not exactly the subject I planned to talk on today but it was on my heart today. Love you all. Have a great weekend!

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