Family Is Family (Poetry Friday)


It does not matter where you come from.

It does not matter where you live.

It does not matter how you are currently feeling.

The thing of it all is,

You have a family,

Blood or Not.

You came from somewhere,

Like it or not.

When things get hard you know who is real.

The ones who stick with you.

The ones who really know you.

The ones you call family,

May not “really” be.

But overall,

Through it all,

Family is Family

No matter who or What you are.


Unique Advice For Today: Do not take your real family forgranted. Enjoy every minute you have with them. Some things do not last forever, but memories will always last a lifetime.

Be Blessed All. Have a great weekend!

(P.S. Happy Birthday to our Mom from another blood line. ❤ )

Don’t forget to come back every Wednesday and Friday at 6pm, for more Unique Advice.


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