10 Things I Wish Everyone Knew


To start off, I would like to explain to you all, that “Common Knowledge”, is no longer “Commonly known”. Things can not be “Common Knowledge” unless everyone is taught from the beginning. Simple things, the simple basics, We as a human race have began to be lazy with some of the points we show and teach our children.

A lot of things we have to be shown, we have to be taught, or at least heard before one comes to know them. So with that being said;

Unique Advice for Today: I am going to tell you all, 10 things I wish everyone knew.

  1. First thing I would like to cover, I really do truly believe everyone should know, or have at least heard about Jesus Dying on the Cross for OUR sins. That is a big deal, and there is lots of controversy and I am not here to offend, just here to give at advice. So for now that is all I am going to say on that.
  2. When you have a job, AND pay bills. You should pay your bills first so you do not forget or get behind.
  3. The daily chores you have; it is wise to do at least a little bit of them daily so they do not pile up.
  4. When You are a Mom, or even a Dad, When you have Kids, they should always come first. It is not worth it, to compromise your time with them.
  5. Not everything you go through will have a visible light at the end of the tunnel. You just have to push through until you can see it. Some things we will not see the light for, until we have reached the other side.
  6. Making your own food, is cheaper and healthier then buying fast food, eating at restaurants, and/or buying heat and eat food.
  7. It is nice to smile at everyone, even when you do not feel like it.
  8. It is not the fault of the people around you when things get difficult or when things go bad. So pray about it and try your hardest to not take it out on the people around you.
  9. When learning anything, you have to want to learn it, you have to want to know it. Otherwise you will just be miserable.
  10. A job is just a job. A career is important when you want it. But what you will do for the rest of your life, where you will be later in life; Those are a big deal, you must put time, effort and prayer into making that decision. It makes a difference.


Also, one for the road…..

“Who you you are, who you are seen as, and who you will be, are not always the same thing. Remember that.”



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