When things are tough,

you power through.

When things get hard,

you toughen up.

In life nothing is really simple.

Some hard tasks are less work then others.

At the end of the day you must,

just suck it up.

It is hard to hear.

It is hard to not feel.

I can not imagine life,

Without all the obstacles.

Would it be too easy?

Would things just be blah?

Even when it is hard to laugh,

Even when it is hard to smile.

The things that turn out,

Are worth the wait.

Hard work,



They all lead to a type of finish line,

A type of goal,

A type of accomplishment

When it is all said and done,

It WILL be worth it.

Will you be able to tough it out?

Will you be able to bare the weight?

Will you be able to succeed?

Nothing gives a better meaning,

Then being able to say,

We made it!


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Have a blessed week.


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