Break In Understanding

We have reached the half way point in our “Project Understanding”. 

Once you accept the possible outcome of what you are understanding. Once you have stopped denying the cause/effect of the situation. You need to take a step back.

 Do not let whatever it is you are trying to understand consume you. It is easy to let it happen. It is easy to constantly think about and dwell on a situation you do not understand. If you are constantly worried about something then you risk missing the new situations around you.

Unique Advice Today: Enjoy the new moments around you. Live in the life you have been given. Try to enjoy every new day. Your life is amazing. Your story is happening now; Make it a good one.

You do not want to wake up one day and try to remember the good times, just to realize you missed most of them. It is a scary thought. But it is also a concern worth thinking about.

If you have babies, if you have grand babies; BE in the moment with them. Enjoy life with them. If you have family, parents, friends, good friends, enjoy and cherish your moments together. Situations like those are rare and should be treasured.












Deep Breathe……….

Be in your moments. Live in Peace.


Reference: Project Understanding.




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