The Thing About Spring

For the first time in a long while today is sunny and nice out.The “Spring Cleaning bug” appears to be hitting everyone. Lawns are being mowed, gardens are being planted. Boxes are being gone through and organized better. Things are being dusted and swept. The minute winter is officially over, that is when all of the people sort of Unit, to get everything cleaned up and looking “nice”.

People really aren’t so different. We all go through fazes and we all have the same “types” of things come up the same for everyone. The way we personally choose to handle those situations is what defines the differences. Different seasons mean different things to different people. We should all be understanding of that theory.

Personally We like to get things cleaned up and looking nice, right as spring hits. That isn’t always the case, seeing as how we have two kids. But that’s the hope ya know. Looking around our house, right away I can list like 20 things that need taken care of soon. Sitting and listing out those items used to be a waste of time for me. I would write the list and still be overwhelmed and not have a clue where to start. I used to hate it. Now days, I NEED my lists. Especially being a mother. They are the only things that keep me on track; at least most days.

I know you have things that need taken care of. Some more then others. Writing out a list and then going through and prioritizing it from most important to least is such a tremendous help in life as we know it. It helps save on the stress and the feeling of being overwhelmed. Today’s post is short and sweet because its time to declutter and clean up. Our house, our lawn and our lives.
Today’s Unique Advice; Go in search of what needs done in the World around you. Make a list, yes again. Then Prioritize it.

The thing about Spring; you can still find it in the mist of all the chaos.


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