Embracing Knowledge

This year I decided to pursue Wisdom and with it gain understanding. Even though it may sound absurd. The Bible invites us and encourages all of us to pursue wisdom. Whether or not you believe in God; we can all agree, you will NOT get very far in life without at least a small amount of knowledge. Everyone has to know something.

I decided a long time ago that I want to know everything; even though that is technically impossible. If you knew me on a personal level you would understand just how impossible it seems. But, I have found in the last year that there is no limit on how much you can learn. Every day, every hour, down to every minute there is so much knowledge available all around us.

I believe we were put here each for a purpose, to embrace knowledge, to share it with Everyone we know/love, even with those we may not like. The World is an amazing place, everyone could advance a lot farther in life, if we each knew everything that those around us know. It is a concept that sounds ridiculous to most, I know, and it seems like a lot to handle. But if you bare with me. I would like to learn at least a little bit of everything. The kicker is; I’d also like to share this knew found embrace of knowledge with EVERYONE around me. Things I do not know, things I am learning. I would even like to share things, I think, I already know. Though I will definitely be checking my facts. 🙂

After all everyone could stand to learn something new.



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