Day After Party

I totally love Christmas. But this year, more then anything, I was looking forward to the day after.

Today was a day I have been looking forward too more the Christmas Day itself. This year, for sure. The day after, meant no more “lots of stuff”. No more present anticipation. It means no more …. “Obligations”. We get to officially relax. I know for everyone it is not the same. I know for a lot of people who had to go back to work, then it wasn’t the best. For us, we were blessed with the day off. Even though there are tons of dishes and things to clean up. There is am awesome peace about today that I can not explain.

Yesterday was a blessing. We were blessed Soo many times before and during Christmas. The kids loved their gifts. The family loved their gifts too. And we all gave glory to God for what it was all about in the first place. Jesus’s birth, meant more to the Whole World. More then most could even phathom. Jesus was a gift!! To us all. In more then just on way. I think it is hugely important to understand why we gather together and spread time with our families, give thanks for all things. It is a time to remember that life is bigger then it seems, bigger then the little things we can or cannot afford.

Merry Christmas Everyone. Even though it is over to most people, the celebration of the birth of Christ should forever be celebrated. It has only begun and the blessing have only just begun as well. I pray you all understand what I mean. I pray none of you are bummed about the situation. I just pray and pray you all keep the spirit of Christmas alive, especially in your heart. All year long. Christmas was NEVER just about ONE Day! It was a blessing and a gift that forever changed/saved the world. Never Forget what happened and why! And never be discouraged for the LORD our God is with us wherever we go.

Not just on Christmas. Pray you all have a relaxing week and keep seeking/speaking the miracles of CHRISTMAS into the World around you.

Unique Advice Today: Remember the spirit of Christmas and the miracles it brought forth; EVERYDAY of the year!!

Love you all!! Enjoy your day after party!


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