Not sure about today. But I do not want to take a sick day. I am, and have been really into getting an article done on time and posted on time. Even though I can not figure out why scheduling a post does not work for me. (They always post late when I “schedule” them. Need to find and ask somebody about that.) But either way, planning ahead only works when I stay on top of it and focus. I also believe even when I have a “planned article”, if it does not add up with the “feel” of today, I usually do not feel right about posting it. So here goes I suppose…

Today I have had a headache. Other then the past 20 minutes, it has been really taunting and barely bearable. I do not think it matters if it is bearable or not. When you are a mother, father, or when you are a working adult, it does not matter (Usually) how you feel. Sick or not, tummy ache or not, cramps or not, headache or not, you have to suck it up and deal with the day. A lot of you do not get days off just because you “do not feel well”. Most bosses do not care. Most kids still need things like food and activity times and such, whether you want to do it or not. The phrase “Suck it up” creeps into my thoughts when I think about how many things need done whether I feel well or not.

Unique Advice For Today: Suck it up. In spite of your sickness, in spite of your headache. Power up, toughen up, you have this. Be the best version of yourself, sick or not.

I understand that resting is good. But there are people, especially little people counting on me and my ability to get things done. Even though I have tried basically everything to get rid of the headache of today, I spent most of my day with one, trying to accomplish the things I need to.

I apologize if you are one of the many  people who does not feel well today. I apologize if it “totally sucks” being an adult. But I also applaud you and your ability to move on in spite of the things going on in your body.

It really is hard to “suck it up”. It really is not something you want to hear. It does not matter who around you says what. When you are needed to be an adult, when people are counting on you, it is important that you stay strong and keep pushing forward.

I definitely mean pushing forward, it is something hard that requires actual action to move forward. It does, “suck” but it is important that we keep moving forward.

Entrepreneurs, writers, parents everywhere, “suck it up”. But also be proud that you need to, be proud that you CAN be. Do not complain about having to be an adult and be responsible. It is what makes our lives into a purpose.

You can not be who you are meant to be if you are missing out on the responsibilities, and the “suckiness” of it as a whole.

I encourage all of you to keep up the good work. Congratulations to all of you who are trying your hardest to be the best version of YOU!

Feel better all. Praying you all do and that you all have a blessed week.


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